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    Nutrient and Drug Metabolism

    Study the regulation of nutrient and drug metabolism and interrelationships with health and disease

Welcome to the GMMG Website!

The UConn Genomic and Mechanistic Metabolism Group (GMMG) was created to facilitate the scientific collaboration and promotion of innovative and multi-disciplinary research in a broad set of complementary areas, such as liver pathophysiology and metabolic diseases, drug metabolism, nutrition, epigenetic regulation of gene expression, dyslipidemia, obesity, and nano-delivery systems for nutraceuticals and drugs. This group also brings to bear a diverse set of expertise in experimental methodologies including the use of animal and cell culture models, molecular biological and cell biological approaches, metabolic assays, and genomic approaches.  The group consists of faculty and laboratory trainees from across various departments in the Storrs campus and UConn School of Medicine.  The goals of this group are to foster scientific excellence in such critical areas of research, to strive toward better integration between basic sciences and translational research, to enhance our educational and research training offerings, and to increase UConn’s prominence in these areas of investigation and appeal to future faculty hires into this core.